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It’s Date Night!

We’ve talked about treating your besties, now it’s time to think about how to celebrate you and your special someone. Take a look for some creative (and COVID-friendly) ideas for this Valentine’s Day! Feel free to mix and match these activities to make your ideal date night.

- Go for a walk around sunset. Pro tip: buy something from Tim’s to keep you warm while you’re out and about.

- Spend a night away. Get a hotel room just for the night! It can be far away or right in your city. Pro tip: See if the hotel offers amenities/enhancements such as chocolate-covered strawberries or rose petals on the bed.

- Play a board game together. Mix it up by doing a double date and playing a game over Zoom with some friends!

- Go to your favorite home goods store and talk about dreams for your future or current home. Pro tip: IKEA is a great store for this. You can even get dinner there too if you want!

- Try a new recipe and make dinner together. Mix it up by each finding something new to create, and then surprising each other with that creation for dinner or dessert.

- Try something new in the bedroom, like breakfast in bed. (Obviously) Check out this blog post about a cozy Valentine’s Day breakfast.

- Cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie you’ve been meaning to watch together. Pro tip: Fancy up your movie snack by making elevated popcorn, like this recipe here!

- Go ice skating. Getting outside energizes any date night! Have a fun time skating around outside, then come home and make some amazing hot cocoa to warm up. You can also do other things to warm up if you’d prefer! If you go the hot chocolate route, I highly recommend this Colombian hot chocolate that you can find at Walmart.

- Reminisce over dessert or a nice cocktail. Talk about your first date or your wedding. Ask each other one question you’ve been wanting to ask, but you haven’t made the time. Enjoy each other’s company. Pro tip: Check out companies like Happily, if you want some assistance with date conversation starters! Their digital date option is very affordable, and it can help you add new life to your date nights.

Best wishes for your Valentine’s Day plans! I wish you a day filled with love, laughter and kisses.


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