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What Does it Mean to Invest in Yourself?

Sometimes, it can be hard to think about putting your time, money and/or efforts toward yourself and your personal growth and development. Investing in the development of your life, your future, your career and your family can seem too self-seeking and therefore set aside in the pursuit of success in areas we deem more worthy.

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I’d like to argue that you should be

thinking the opposite. Investing in yourself and your future is one of the most valuable things you can do. It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run, as you will be able to reap the benefits of this work for years onward. By investing in yourself, you are putting in what you get out — investing time and effort into learning new skills, gaining knowledge, and growing as a person.

The biggest deterrent to taking these steps to invest in yourself and your future is that they often cost something: money, time, drive, energy. What you have to decide is what is worth all of those things for you.

Something to be aware of when it comes to moving your focus to yourself and your own growth is that it won’t always come easily or naturally. While it would be simple to think that giving back to yourself will require minimal effort, it often requires the most discipline and determination. Motivation will not be enough to help you in these areas, so when motivation runs out, you’ve got to rely on your systems, habits, and support people to sustain you.

I think that choosing to plan and have a wedding celebration both fall under this category. If it’s something that you would appreciate and want to make happen, then it’s worth investing your time, money and energy into. Just as I described earlier, your motivation can wane and leave you feeling adrift. Set yourself up for success by creating systems for getting your tasks done. It will be worth it in the end when you get to have the celebration you imagined with your loved ones and your partner.

Other areas in your life where this may also apply (of varying sizes):

  • purchasing a home

  • getting a pet

  • building a regular exercise routine

  • going to therapy

  • getting regular check-ups and massages

  • going to university or college

  • taking that trip you always dreamed of

Little child staring up at wall graffiti that reads believe in yourself
Photo cred: @littleforestowl

Whatever it is, go for it!! If you need an encourager to help you pursue what will help grow and develop you, I’m here for you! Otherwise, find a loved one to help keep you accountable and remind you that it’s not selfish to invest in yourself.


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