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Road Trip Honeymoon: Take Love on the Road

If you’re the type of couple that revels in the journey rather than the destination, consider planning a road trip for your honeymoon vacation. You can plan starting with the destination in mind and build out your trip from there or you could start with a general list of where or what you’d like to see and design a route that helps you hit those spots. Whichever method of planning you land on, make sure to take time to review these suggestions:

| splurge on snacks |

While some would not recommend you go this route (heh), I always like to start off my road trips off with an iced latte of some sort. A nice, sweet iced latte is something I like to splurge on, and I consider them a treat. Starting a road trip off with this nice little treat gets me excited for the road ahead and the fun times in store! Most of us have snacks like these, those guilty pleasure snacks that we reserve for special times. Break those out for your road trip and enjoy the with no shame!

| stop |

My husband, Ryan, is a hardcore road tripper as is often tempted to forgo the stops so that we can stay on the road. I on the other hand need to pee quite often and/or want a snack, so I force him to stop. I think I’ve almost converted him to a more leisurely road tripper who feels comfortable stopping just because. I think to fully enjoy your honeymoon road trip, you’ve got to be willing to stop when you need or just WANT to stop. Maybe you see a beautiful field of wildflowers - Stop! Maybe you are really craving a slim jim - Stop! Make the most of this trip you’re taking.

| back roads |

I encourage you to take the road less traveled. As efficient and time-saving as the highways can be, they may also take you right around the beauty rather than through it. Consider mapping out a route that takes you on the back roads and detours. You might see some of your most breathtaking sights that way.

| tunes |

Getting on the road without music is like making macaroni and cheese without the cheese! How can you start a road trip without an excellent playlist. Of course, you might need several, maybe even a book on tape. Find one filled with songs you can’t resist belting at the top of your lungs. Pro tip: make sure to save or download these playlists to your device, so they can be used even if you don’t have internet. Or go old school and bring along some CDs!

The last part of this is the big question: to plan or not to plan?

I would say, do whatever makes your heart feel happy and at peace. For some people, they can’t enjoy a trip unless all of the details are square away. For others, that may feel limiting. Do what makes sense for you and your partner! Happy travels (emoji)


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