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Sweatin’ for the Wedding??

According to a study done by Cornell University “more than 70 percent of brides-to-be” consider dropping weight for their wedding day. When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. As women, we often feel great pressure to look a certain way. Why wouldn’t we think about how we are going to look as we stand before our closest friends and family?

For me, I was fixated on how my arms were going to look in my sleeveless dress. I spent time working out to tone and shape my arms and that habit has lasted into the present. I made a decision that there was something I wanted to work and what started as something for the sake of others turned into a desire for my own sake.

What if we allowed ourselves to be the version of us that could walk down the aisle at any time? And not for those around us, but for ourselves. If you truly would like to be a different weight, don’t do it for the guests at your wedding, but for yourself. Consider adopting a sustainable health plan that can continue even after the big day. When I say health plan, I’m referring to a holistic plan that includes more than just working out. Including areas like nutrition, sleep and water intake can have as great an impact on your health and energy levels as the exercise you engage in.

Presently, I have been doing a lot of soul searching when it comes to my appearance and my confidence in my body. When I exercise, I continually reflect on why I am working and that value of taking care of my body for me and my future. Right now, I am really loving two fitness “influencers” that are teaching me again how to enjoy exercise and push myself to be strong, not skinny. Check out The Fitness Marshall and Lilly Sabri who are both on Youtube. Don’t worry, there is no affiliation, I just think they’re awesome.

Regardless of the reason you feel you need to “sweat it for the wedding,” I challenge you to seek results for yourself and your own health rather than for the guests at your wedding. I’m still on this journey as well, and I am happy to walk it together.


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