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How to Include Your Siblings in Your Wedding Day

For your big day, you may be wondering how to include your sibling(s) in the festivities. While the most common way is to include them in the wedding party, this may not work for everyone.

If you need inspiration for how to include your siblings in other ways, check out these ideas:

1) Ceremony reader: Whatever kind of ceremony you might be having, consider asking your sibling(s) to do a reading. This is a great way to give them a space in the ceremony without including them in the wedding party itself. This works well if they are comfortable and interested in public speaking. If they’re creatively inclined, you might even ask them to write a poem or short reading.

2) Usher: If you need ushers to help guests find their seats, consider asking your sibling(s) to help out. This is a way to help them feel useful and like an important part of the day. This might work better for those who are more extroverted or feel comfortable talking to people they may not know.

3) Music: If your sibling(s) is musically talented, consider asking them to perform at your wedding. They could sing a song during the ceremony, play an instrument during the reception, or even DJ the dance party.

4) Wedding planning: If you have a sibling(s) who is interested in helping with the wedding planning process, consider giving them a specific task to take on. This could be anything from helping to choose the wedding favors to creating the seating chart. This works best for couples who feel comfortable delegating wedding tasks and trust the judgement of their sibling(s).

A smiling man in a gray suit with pink tie giving a speech at a wedding
Photo cred: Dustin Finkelstein Photography

5) Toasts: Consider asking your siblings to give a toast at the wedding reception. This is a way to let them share their love and support for you and your spouse.

6) Ring Bearer or Flower Girl: Whether your sibling(s) is significantly younger or not, they could be the ring bearer or flower girl. There are so many creative ways to have your ring bearer or flower girl walk down the aisle, depending on their age and your wedding guests.

7) Hair & makeup: Finally, if your sibling(s) is good with hair & makeup, you might want to ask them to help the bride with hair and makeup for the big day. If they are not professionally trained, it would be good to plan for a trial run of both before the day.

Bride, in gold and white dress, laughing and hugging sister in pantsuit
Photo cred: Carly Hill Photo

Don’t forget that this day is a special day for you. You should never feel forced to include someone in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. That said, it may be worth considering these alternatives to see if you can include your siblings in a way to feels right to you.


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