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Choosing the Right Menu for Your Wedding

Choosing the right food for your wedding can be a daunting task. You want to make sure that your guests will enjoy the food and that it reflects your style and taste. To help you make the best decision, here are some tips on how to determine what should be included in your wedding menu. We’ll discuss things to think about when determining the right food for your event along with other considerations for your special day.

My tips for choosing your wedding menu:

1) Time of Day - What kind and style of food you’ll be serving is very dependent on the time of your reception. For some inspiration, check out these ideas:

Dark green menu on light green napkin tied with twine and a piece of greenery
Photo cred: Kensie Webster Photography

- A mid-morning ceremony, followed by a brunch buffet with waffles and bacon.

- An afternoon ceremony, followed by an afternoon tea with light refreshments and finger foods.

- An early evening ceremony, followed by a sit down, plated dinner with three courses.

- A late evening ceremony, followed by a cocktail reception with hor d’ouevres and a late night snack further into the evening.

The sky is the limit!

2) Season and Location - Consider when and where your event will take place when determining food choices. If it’s a summer wedding, lighter and fresher options may be more appropriate than heavy comfort food. For a mid-winter wedding, you might opt for a warmer, heavier meal to keep your guests feeling cozy.

3) Options - This refers to the variety of food available. If you’re serving appetizers, think about including some savory, sweet, warm, and cold. If serving a full meal, it is nice to give your guests at least two options for their entrée. Lastly, consider making options available for vegetarians, vegans, and those with food allergies. Your guests will really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Top down shot of a wedding reception with guests at long family style tables and plates in front of them
Photo cred: Kensie Webster Photography

4) Preferred style of serving - You might have a preference for how your guests are served and how your event flows. If it works with your budget, I say go for your favourite! There is no right or wrong way to serve food at a wedding, so don’t let convention from opting for your preferred option.

5) Dietary Restrictions - While it’s important to think about guests, prioritize yourselves as the wedding couple. If either of you have severe dietary restrictions, consider caterers whose food you will be able to enjoy also! This is your special day, and it’s okay to prioritize yourself.

6) Be Yourselves - Don’t be afraid to get creative and infuse some of your personality into the menu with signature cocktails or a unique dessert option.

Gold serving plate with pork bao buns on it.
Photo cred: Kensie Webster Photography

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Timeline - A buffet dinner usually takes the longest because guests have to go get their food while plated dinners tend to be finished more quickly. Adapt your timeline to find the best fit for your day based on what type of meal you’re serving. If you’re not serving a meal, you may not need as long for your reception.

  • Budget - Plated dinners and more exclusive menus or ingredients are going to be on the highest end of the price range; take time to consider if this is the right fit for you before committing. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a cheaper option if it’s not a high priority for you.

  • Tastings - Go for a tasting! These are crucial for making a decision on your caterer(s) and bakery.

  • Cocktail Hours - I always recommend including some kind of food alongside alcohol. It will make the event more enjoyable for your guests and for you. Everyone will be able to keep the party going for longer with food to accompany their drink of choice.

When deciding on your wedding menu, there are many different pieces to consider. With these tips for reference, I hope you’re able to create a beautiful menu for your special day.



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