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To Book or Not to Book

If you haven’t had the chance to explore it yet, let me walk you through

“The Invaluable Flowchart for Booking Vendors During a Pandemic.”

Flowchart to help you book your wedding vendors during a pandemic

This tool is meant to help you decide if you feel comfortable booking your vendors at this time based on their various rescheduling and cancellation policies. You will need your vendor contracts in order to walk through the flowchart and use the advice to make your decision!

Here’s a sneak peek:

Sneak peek of wedding vendor flowchart

If you like what you see, download the full flowchart by clicking the link below!

Several notes:

  • All vendors have non-refundable deposits.

Should you sign that contract? Use this flowchart to help you decide!

Every vendor you book has to put in time and effort to prepare your documents and get you set up in their system. The deposit, or booking fee, is what covers the process and work done at the beginning. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will find a vendor that returns this deposit. They have already done this work for you, and they have earned that booking fee.

  • Not all vendors feel comfortable rescheduling. Even if they do, there are typically stipulations for how and when you can reschedule. These guidelines protect a vendor’s time and resources while you are rescheduling.

  • Deciding to postpone or cancel can often throw a wrench into your budget. I would highly recommend making plans to deal with expenses that may come up for you if you decide to postpone or cancel.

I hope you find the flowchart and tips helpful for your planning!


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