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Three Reasons to Have a Backyard Wedding

With so many couples contemplating a mini-mony or scaled back event to celebrate their union, a backyard wedding has moved into the slot of the top wedding trend of 2021. While this style looks different than the large and lavish weddings of the past several years, there are several key reasons couples are making the switch. After hearing my top three reasons I think you’ll be contemplating a backyard wedding yourself!

(1) Cost. For most couples, wedding expenses and budget are at the forefront of their minds. Understandably! Most couples spend a large portion of their budget on a venue, which often come with additional expenses related to rentals and vendors. While having a venue and many of its perks can take off some of the stress of a wedding day, it can also add its over financial burden and put restrictions of what your wedding can look like. One quick note: Some couples/families make alterations to their backyards in order to host a wedding. These changes, while adding on their own kind of expenses, can be enjoyed for years to come!

(2) Intimacy. Due to the relative size of most backyards, many backyard events feature smaller guest lists. When a guest list is smaller, the couple (and their families) have often had to be more conscious in their selection of those they invite. The resulting party is an intimate gathering of guests the couple are generally closer to and more familiar with. The same goes for the guests. They can have a more enjoyable experience when they are comfortable around each other, and the event is in a more intimate setting.

(3) Freedom. When you are using your own venue, there is a lot more freedom to make design and detail choices that would be more restricted at a venue. For example, many venues have guidelines for what types of decor pieces and exit items couples can have. You may not be able to use those candles or have sparklers at your exit because of venue rules. With a backyard wedding, you have more freedom to make choices that feel more personal to you as a couple!

Of course, a backyard wedding isn’t for everyone. If you’ve been wondering, though, I hope you found these benefits of a backyard mini-mony helpful and inspiring. Backyard weddings can be really beautiful and enjoyable, so let me know if you need a wedding planner to help you put your plans in motion!



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