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Light and Airy is the Style.

As temperatures stay chilly here in Alberta, it seems hard to imagine wearing a wedding dress without sleeves. I want to transport you to a crisp, breezy spring day with a romantic, bohemian wedding as your backdrop. Imagine that you are picking out a dress for that gorgeous spring wedding!

Pixie cut bride with lace detail on wedding gown and ribbon waist.

Play up the airiness and romance of the season by choosing wispy fabrics with light detailing and gentle lines. Here are some wedding dress trends that lend themselves well to an elegant spring wedding:

/ Spaghetti straps / Opting for a thin strap gives an extra note of femininity to any dress. At the same time that it conveys a sense of youth and innocence, the amount of exposed shoulder reminds everyone that you are a fierce and sexy individual.

Bohemian wedding dress with spaghetti straps and lace detail on bodice.

/ Bare arms or back / In the same strain as the spaghetti strap, showing a little bit of bare skin adds romance and appeal to a light, airy gown. It can provide just the right level of sexiness to an otherwise simple dress.

Classic wedding dress with open back and lace detail.

/ Tulle and other light fabrics / A heavy gown can weigh you down and make you feel like you’re taking up too much space. Lighter fabrics like chiffon or tulle give the illusion of taking up space in a more minimal way. They provide shape and interest while swirling airily around you.

/ Delicate appliqués /

Strapless wedding dress bodice with delicate lace detail.

Draw attention to specific areas of your figure by selecting dresses with delicate appliqués to accentuate those features. Think small pearls, simple sequins and delicate lace that brings attention without distracting.

/ Wispy sleeves / Think the reverse of the bare back when contemplating sleeves. Add a little wisp of fabric to gently brush the shoulders and convey a sense of innocence and femininity to draw the eyes of your guests.

Beachy bohemian wedding dress with wispy lace off the shoulder sleeves.

/ Gentle hugging of figure / Match the breeziness of the weather around you by selecting a dress that subtly showcases your curves. Your silhouette will paint a brilliant picture against a magnificent background or flow nicely with a light color palette and romantic designs.

There is something magical about allowing a wedding gown to show the character of the bride. Consider also using the season to help guide your design choices when it comes to gowns, and you’ll see a beautiful harmony between your aesthetic and your attire.


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