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Take Care of You!

Whether you’re planning a wedding or not, in a relationship or single, kid parent or plant parent, everyone needs a break sometimes. Self care is such a buzz phrase right now, and it’s hard to know what self care truly is for you without spending some time exploring what brings you joy. Taking care of you is about more than simply taking a bath, buying a new dress or sleeping in on a Saturday. It’s about a mindset, and it stems out of self love. With a mindset of self love, you care for yourself out of a desire to live from a place of fullness and contentment. Therefore, you engage in practices that bring you to said place. These practices may include the ones I mentioned earlier if they’re coming from an awareness that doing these things will bring you joy and fill your heart up in a way that allows you to pour into what you care about.

To hold myself accountable to taking care of me, I have developed a list of practices that bring me great joy and make a day worth living. A few of them are...

Taking a bubble bath - preferably while watching Gilmore Girls or reading a romance novel and sipping on some sparkling water.

Going for a walk - walking around our neighborhood really clears my head and gives me a fresh perspective.

Talking to a friend on FaceTime - even if I can’t see them in person, I always try to connect with at least one friend each week. Pouring into someone else’s life reminds me of the importance of thinking outside of myself.

Drinking my morning coffee on our front porch - when the weather is warm enough, sitting outside and enjoying a nice breeze while I sip my warm coffee makes my heart feel so full!

Your homework is to find out what your list is! Use that list to guide you in adding (at least) one self care practice a week. For me, building my choices into my schedule helps me make sure I have the time to do it. I created a graphic that I use to select something to do each week. Download it here!

Take care of you! You deserve it!


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