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Outdoor Wedding Backdrop Inspiration

As we’re gearing up for summer weddings, let’s dive into some gorgeous settings for a dreamy, summer wedding. In general, if you’ve chosen to get married outside, the goal of your decor is to accentuate the beauty around you, not cover it up. Most backdrops I recommend here are all designed to enhance the view and direct the attention of the guests to the focal point, the happy couple.

Embrace the view. If you’re getting married outside, it’s likely that you find the view surrounding the venue rather beautiful! Sometimes, you backdrop is as simple as the view that already exists. This minimalist approach focuses on what is there rather than what can be added. This is a typical response for couples getting married in an phenomenally beautiful outdoor space.

Draped arch. The best quality of an arch (square, triangle or circle) backdrop is that it enhances the surroundings in a really special way without taking away from the view or the couple. A simple draping can do wonders for the interest of the arch and provides a cohesive look across all event decor.

Arch with floral accents. Another option for the arch (whatever shape) is to add some floral bunches and accents across the top and/or down the sides. You can easily pull in your colors by using the same floral arrangements as those used in the bouquet(s), boutonniere(s) and centerpieces. This is another great way to tie the ceremony backdrop in with the rest of the wedding look.

Lean into the venue features. Many venues have particularly gorgeous landscaping or accent pieces that are designed to be wedding ceremony backdrops. Many times, you can save yourself time and brain power by leaning into the work that the venue has already done. You can even ask them what couples have done in the past to decorate the venue and add some personalization.

Wherever you may be getting married, take some time to consider your ceremony backdrop and the best way to share your personalities and showcase the beautiful view!


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