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Girls Run the World

If you need a reminder this week, you are S T R O N G and C A P A B L E.

Happy International Women’s Month! I’ve been thinking that really every month should be the time to celebrate women... because we are awesome. We come in so many shapes and sizes, with strengths and skills that help us grow (actual human beings sometimes *emoji*), inspire and accomplish our dreams! If you haven’t felt that recently, take a look at these uplifting quotes and videos that may jog your memory.

For when you feel like your body isn’t “good enough”:

For when you feel weak or self conscious when you’re working out:

For when you feel like you don’t deserve to eat or enjoy:

For when you just need a good laugh:

Now, if you’re still needing a reminder of how awesome you are, reach out to some ladies in your life and catch up. I know for me that I usually feel so much lighter after talking with my girlfriends!

**Please know that I do not make light of the emotions and the baggage that we experience as women. There is something so powerful about women sticking together and servings as reminders to each other that we are not alone nor do we need to put up with any behavior that makes us feel less than whole, less than human. You deserve better.**


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