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Cozy Touches for a Winter Wedding

If you’re dreaming of a winter wedding these tips are for you! ❄️ Even if you’ve never thought about having your wedding in the wintertime, you'll find yourself inspired after hearing these ways to cozy up your big day!

1) Get your wedding party fuzzy slippers to keep their toes warm while getting ready. Not only are these an adorable way to match while you’re getting ready, they are something your wedding party can enjoy after the big day.

2) Try a hot cocoa bar. Think unique flavored marshmallows, milk and dark chocolate, whipped cream and themed sprinkles. You can go all out or keep it low-key and rustic!

3) Faux fur for the bride (or groom) for pictures and during the exit. If you’re going to be outside where it’s chilly, a faux fur can add depth and a unique touch to any bride’s attire.

4) If you know your event is going to be cooler for your guests, consider providing blankets for them! No need to make these fancy or expensive, just a little something to make the cold more bearable.

5) Finding venues with gorgeous (and functional) fireplaces and mantles can be an easy way to up your class factor and have more space to easily decorate. On top of that, fireplaces provide warmth and ambience to your event.

6) Winter is a great time to focus on jeweled tone color schemes and rich velvet. Contrasting with the light colors of the sky and snow, rich dark tones provide beautiful depth to a space and attire.

7) SNOW. Need I say more?

Even if you’re not going with a winter wedding, you have to admit that these ideas have their charms. Regardless of what season you get married in, there are so many ways to make it unique and enjoyable for you and your guests. Keep checking back here for more tips if you like what you read here!


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