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Celebrate Your Besties!

Whether you have a special someone for this coming Valentine’s Day or not, these ideas are for you! Everyone deserves a good night (in or out) with their besties. Every place looks different right now, so I thought I would provide ideas for several different levels of regulation. I’ve given two types of event, high and low maintenance, so you can choose your own adventure!

Bridesmaids laughing while bride is getting ready.

Small Group Outing

A gaggle of your closest friends (say 4 to 5) getting together at a local restaurant that offers socially-distanced options.

HIGH - Get all dressed up (like you have been wishing you could since this all started). Find a local restaurant where you can enjoy a fancy meal together, possibly adding in some creative cocktails. Have everyone go around the circle and share why they love each other!

LOW - Dress comfy, and find a local restaurant where you can enjoy a low-key evening out together. Look for a place with outdoor seating, preferably with fire pits or a cozy fireplace inside. The #1 rule for your time together is that no one is allowed to talk about COVID or social distancing for the whole dinner. If someone mentions it, they have to buy a round of drinks for everyone.

Intimate Home Gathering

A small, at home, gathering of your close friends.

Artsy, beautiful and colorful cheese and meat board.

HIGH - Many local restaurants are offering meal and drink kits that you can order for take out. My suggestion would be to order a charcuterie and cheese board from a place like Flores and Pine and accompany it with some lovely wine or a cocktail kit. Consider renting or borrowing a fire pit and enjoying some s’mores after your smorgasbord.

LOW - Have everyone bring their own item for the smorgasbord so you don’t have to worry about providing everything. Your contribution could be some BBQ smokies in the crockpot or jalapeño jelly covered cream cheese and salty crackers. Keep it simple!

Virtual Gathering

For those of us who are more limited and locked down - we can still have a blast!

HIGH - Have everyone order something yummy from Skip the Dishes and enjoy a pre-experience meal together! Then, jump on Zoom and join all your friends for an entertaining online AirBnB experience, like making mixed drinks with drag queens.

Bridesmaids in matching robes taking pictures while getting ready.

LOW - Have everyone prepare something to eat and something to sip. If you want to make it even more fun, prepare to cook something together! While everyone is eating/sipping, pull out a game to play together arcoss the video camera. I recommend a conversation card game that keeps everyone engaged.

LOW LOW - If you’re looking for something completely hands off, try using the Chrome Extension, Teleparty, to watch a movie with your besties! You can write notes to each other throughout the movie, and you can do it all without having to get out of your pajamas.

Bride and bridesmaids toasting in matching robes!

Whatever your Valentine’s, Galentine’s, or Malentine's Day looks like, may it be filled with love and laughter (and hopefully good food)!


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