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Building Your Wedding Color Scheme

Color palettes. Pinterest is a wealth of inspiration when it comes to building a color scheme for your big day. Deciding upon your colors is one of the first actions in decor planning for your big day. Without a clear color scheme, your design choices may lack a sense of cohesion and coordination. If you’re having trouble finding an inspiring color palette on Pinterest, feel free to build your own! Check out this website here where you can design you own mix of colors and see how they work together.

After deciding upon a color scheme, you must decide how and where you want to incorporate those colors into your decor for the big day. Using the pictures from one wedding, I’ll show you these options in action! Several of the most popular ways to incorporate colors are:

Wedding party attire | Dresses, suits, ties, etc. You can easily integrate your colors into the clothing your wedding party wears.

Florals | Centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres are a great way to incorporate your colors. Be aware of the colors you choose and how they work with natural floral colors. While you can get dyed flowers, they do not always come across as fresh and real as when they are in their original color. You can also pull your colors into dessert by using coordinating florals to decorate your cake and/or the dessert table.

Linens | This would include tablecloths, napkins, and details such as chair ties or table runners. You have many options here! Linens can be one of the more expensive areas to add color though. I would recommend adding a little pop of color to a neutral colored linen to avoid accruing large fees for linen rentals.

Stationary | Some couples use their color palette for all of their wedding stationary, including the Save the Dates, invites and programs for the event. Feel free to pull your colors in at any point when it comes to stationary!

Little details | Anywhere you are adding a piece of decor or even just a bit of ribbon, consider how you can plug in your color scheme! The little details can pull together the whole look and provide a cohesive design across the event.

Reach out to me if you want more specific suggestions, and I would be happy to provide more ideas!



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