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Brunch for Everyone!

What’s not to love about brunch? I mean really. You can get almost any variation of breakfast food and/or lunch food that you might be craving. It’s also an eggs-cellent excuse to enjoy extended time with good friends. For these reasons, among others, more and more brides and their closest friends are celebrating the upcoming nuptials with some variation on the traditional brunch. Take a look at these three variations and see if any of them strike your fancy!

outdoor brunch picnic | The outdoor brunch is the perfect option for a bohemian, laid-back bride. When the weather is nice, it can be so freeing to sit out and enjoy good food with the people you love. For brunches like this, the easiest food prep is to build a board-type meal that makes it possible to pack and transport all the delicious food!


  • Flexible timing

  • More space for a larger group

  • The ability to decorate and make the space feel personal


  • Dependent on weather

  • No pre-existing decor or furniture

restaurant brunch | For this option, you have the flexibility to choose fancy or casual, depending on the bride and the group! Either way, heading out to a restaurant can provide a stress-free outing that feels special and is, often, super yummy. You can also get your mimosa or latte with your meal! The bride can wear the special celebratory attire provided (like a sash or a tiara), and everyone will get to fawn over her, not just friends and family.


  • Ambiance already provided

  • Can make a reservation

  • Possibly more food variety


  • Can be more expensive

  • Harder to bring in personalized items or celebration elements (like balloons)

  • May not be able to have as large of a group

extended brunch | Basically, expand on the brunch theme and turn it into a weekend excursion. Find a place that’s all about relaxation and hanging out with the besties. Depending on the time of year, booking a hotel or AirBnB with a pool is a plus when it comes to relaxing and hanging out.


  • Make amazing memories

  • Great bonding for an intimate group of friends

  • The ability to make the weekend your own


  • Harder to coordinate schedules for a weekend

  • Most expensive option

Whatever you choose for your bridal shower, I hope you feel so celebrated. May you get some special time with your closest friends, treasuring those moments together.



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