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Plan B: Making a Plan for Inclement Weather

When it rains it pours! Of course, the hope is that it doesn’t rain at all on your wedding day. However, wedding planners and couples do not yet have the power to change the weather. Until then, we must resign ourselves to coming up with brilliant Plan B’s for when the weather goes a different way than expected. I’m going to provide you with some common inclement weather plans as well as some helpful tips for planning!

Option 1 | Rent a tent | Renting a tent is one of the least invasive inclement weather plans because you can usually just place it over the ceremony/reception area and keep the other elements as planned. It allows for the comfort that regardless of the weather you are covered (literally)! This is the more elaborate of the options, especially since it usually comes with a hefty price tag. While you can find tent rentals for a range of prices, you’ll still have to pay for the tent whether you end up needing it or not. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure it is the option for you before choosing to rent! Some rental companies give you a period of time before the event in which you can let them know if you’d like to cancel, and you can usually get some of your money back. However, you have to decide before you know for sure that the tent won’t be needed.

Option 2 | Alternate ceremony and/or reception space | If you planned to have one or all of your wedding day events outside, venues often have other spaces available that you can use as a backup if weather turns bad. The best way to find out if this is possible is to talk to the venue manager about what other couples have done in the case of inclement weather. Sometimes, venues have a completely different space available that they use in cases such as these. You can plan to have everything set up in this different space if the weather looks menacing the morning of the big day.

Option 3 | Move ceremony and reception into same space and flip | This option works well if you were planning to have one of the events inside and another outside. In the case of bad weather, you would move everything inside. This often means that the ceremony space would need to be “flipped” to prepare for the reception. Most catering companies offer this service, so you would need to talk to them about the possibility of this being added to your bill in the case of inclement weather. You could also talk with family and friends about helping flip the space in case this Plan B needs to happen.

Option 4 | Embrace it | Lean into the gorgeous colors in the stormy sky! Enjoy the fresh smell in the air surrounding your big day. Purchase cheap umbrellas and pass them out to your guests!


  • For warmer climates, a bit of rain isn’t usually a huge issue for an outdoor ceremony. While the guests might get a bit damp, most are pretty good sports about a light summer rain.

  • Bringing along a few umbrellas in the emergency bag for the day can save the wedding couple from getting their beautiful selves too wet if they need to get outside for any reason.

  • THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Weather happens. No one is going to think that your wedding is any less beautiful because you had to switch gears. They are going to be happy your had a backup plan.

Hope you get a rainbow instead of rain on your wedding day, but in the case of rain make sure to have a Plan B!



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