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7 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

We're all looking for ways to make the most of our money, especially when planning a wedding. There are plenty of strategies to reduce wedding expenses while still hosting a tasteful and lively party!

Take a look at these 7 areas where you can cut down wedding costs:

1. Talk to your florist about in season flowers. If you are specifically requesting an out of season floral for your bouquet or décor, you are going to pay a pretty penny! I recommend chatting with your florist about utilizing florals that will be in season during your wedding. Just like buying in season fruits and vegetables, you'll find a more inexpensive price point for flowers that are currently in season.

boho style large bouquet with dusty pink roses, eucalyptus, and dark red florals

2. When talking to your venue about possible dates for your big day, ask them about their rates for Fridays and Sundays. Saturdays are typically the most desirable, and therefore, the most expensive. Fridays and Sundays can work just as well for your guests and selecting these dates could save you a chunk of money!

3. Think about exploring different options for your wedding dress. Most brides only wear their dresses once and dresses can be very thoroughly cleaned.

classic slip wedding dress with minimalist lace detail

Looking around the secondhand stores in your area can help you save quite a bit of your budget for other areas of the wedding! You can also keep an eye out for wedding dress shows where you can often find bargain deals on beautiful gowns.

4. Catering options are endless! They can often be more overwhelming than venues. When you're deciding how you'd like to serve food to your guests, opting for buffet style over plated meals can save you quite a bit. Most guests are familiar with the buffet option, and you can usually afford more meal options with a smaller budget than if you go with plated.

5. Opt for a small wedding cake with supplemental desserts for your guests! The options are endless, and there are many that can help you shave off a few dollars.

- Small wedding cake with sheet cakes

- Cupcakes for the wedding couple and guests

- Donuts for everyone 🍩

Be creative!

minimal cream wedding cake with wire cake topper and simple floral decoration

6. Look for venues who offer rentals as part of their venue fee. It is easy to forget that you will have to provide chairs, tables, and linens for your event. Prices can quickly creep up, especially if you plan on having a larger wedding. More venues are starting to include tables and chairs in their venue pricing or offering them for rent at prices way below those of separate rental companies. Keep in mind that your options may be more limited, but going with what the venue provides can cut down on rental costs!

light pink minimalist vertical wedding program with calligraphy accents

7. We all want our wedding paper goods to be gorgeous, ideally hand-crafted, and customized. With free design websites, like Canva, you can easily put together your own wedding invites, programs, place cards, etc. After designing them, you can head over to a printing company, like Vistaprint, that allows you to upload and print your custom designs for affordable prices.

These are just a few of the many ways you can save money throughout your planning decisions. I hope you find these tips helpful for you as you navigate the costs involved with planning a wedding! And don't forget! This is your day. You have the freedom to invest in what is important to you.


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