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Tips for a Magical Wedding Dress Shopping Experience!

This blog is in collaboration with the wonderful Lovenote Bride, a bridal boutique located in Calgary, Alberta. Their manager, Annie, gave me the inside scoop on the special shopping experience they offer at their boutique as well as tips for how to navigate your own wedding dress shopping.

The benefit of choosing a studio like Lovenote over an off-the-rack or larger box store for your wedding dress is that you can ‘”have a relaxed experience that is fun and not stressful.” At Lovenote, Annie shares that they “start off by letting you choose what you'd like to try but also offer ideas of styles after getting to know you a bit!” They recognize that

“being a bride is a special time that should be celebrated and a wedding dress is a very meaningful part of all of that!”

They get that it's not always a simple transaction and takes time to think through and deliberate so the Lovenote team is there for you from start to finish.

Several flowy ivory and white wedding dresses hanging from a rack in front of a large window
Photo cred: Filipp Roman Photography

When starting your wedding dress shopping, Annie recommends that you start by checking out the bridal shop’s website. The Lovenote website is “user-friendly and has all of the dresses they carry along with their prices.” Speaking for myself, as a wedding vendor, I feel that this transparency is valuable and shows a care for brides and all the factors on their minds when shopping for their dress. Other features of the website include an FAQ section and direct appointment bookings, so you don’t have to call in!

Annie also suggests social media as another place to begin your search for the dress. “Most boutiques will show the gowns they have on their feed, so you can get an idea of their style and overall vibe!” Lovenote Bride is always posting their gorgeous dresses and how you can style them.

Once you’ve gotten started, Annie has three ways to set yourself up for success as you shop around:

1) Research and budget! There is nothing more heartbreaking than falling in love with a gown that is out of your price range or can't come in time for your wedding. This is where the FAQ section on boutique's websites will help you!

Bride putting on earrings while mom buttons up the back of a gorgeous lace wedding gown.
Photo cred: Kensie Webster Photography

2) Bring your best support people! Even if this means not inviting certain individuals. We have seen the effects of oversharing one's opinion or blurting out comments in regards to body image and it can take away from the experience.

Annie has seen brides navigate bringing support people in a couple different ways:

  • Some brides come in with a very clear mindset and make sure everyone knows what plan to stick to.

  • Others that are more open-minded will let their group choose gowns for them and be honest about how they feel in their picks!

  • If there have been more difficult members of the entourage, the bride will come back later by themselves or with one person and make their decision.

3) When you find THE dress, stop shopping! If there is one gown you keep coming back to in your mind, go back and get it because it's the one!

Shopping for a wedding dress can be an exciting yet often stressful experience. It's important to take a deep breath and remember to find the joy in these special moments. With the right preparation and support, you can make sure that you have a wonderful time shopping for your dream dress.

Before you leave this post and put Annie's tips into action, I want to say that I highly value Annie’s expertise as she works with many different brides to help them find dresses they love for their special day. A big thank you to Lovenote Bride and their team for all the work they’re doing!

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