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How to Get the Most Out of a Wedding Fair

Having just worked a wedding fair as a vendor, they’re at the top of my mind. I enjoy getting to connect with new couples and hear how they’re feeling about their planning. If you’ve never thought about attending a wedding fair, this might be your sign to try it out.

While they’re not for everyone, there are some great advantages to attending them. The beauty of a wedding fair is that it is a mix of vendors, in almost any category you’re looking for, who are already curated for you. If you’re finding the process of looking for and meeting up with vendors stressful, this might alleviate that pressure. Another plus is that you may get a discount code from a vendor you’re super interested in!

The second main reason would be to get excited! Being around other couples who are also working on their wedding can help renew your energy for planning the big day.

While wedding fairs can be extremely helpful, it’s important to take a few things into consideration to get the most out of your experience:

  • Remember that you don’t have to make any decisions that day - Being around so many wedding vendors can cause you to feel some pressure to make decisions in the moment. Don’t let yourself get swept up by potential overwhelm. Remind yourself that this is a chance to see what’s available and get excited about the possibilities!

  • Let yourself be doted on - You are the bride (or the wedding couple)! You deserve to grab a glass of champagne and enjoy this season of your life. Revel in the fact that every vendor wants to talk to you and hear about your planning journey so far.

  • Only enter the giveaways you’re genuinely interested in or can use for your big day - I know it’s tempting to enter all the giveaways, but if you know you don’t need what a vendor is offering, reconsider signing up for their prize. By entering the giveaways, you’re liking signing up to receive emails from them, and if you don’t need their services, you’ll be getting messages that aren’t helpful for you.

Wedding fairs are a great way to get ideas and inspiration for your wedding planning. Grab your fiancé, your best friend or other special people in your life and make a plan to visit one now!



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