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Honeymoon Packing Lists for Every Destination

To make this the most helpful for you, I’m going to break each list down into essentials for any time of the year that will help you capture the vibe of your destination. They may not seem like what comes to your mind at first, but I think you’ll be convinced.


sun hat | not only can you find some really cute ones, they will also keep sun off your face, saving you from sunburns or sun sore eyes.

swim cover-up | in particular, you want to make sure this comes off rather easily for when you arrive at the beach (and when you arrive back to your room). It’s the perfect thing to throw on when you don’t want to have to get all dressed just to go down to the beach. There are so many styles to choose from too!

swimsuit(s) | I would recommended bringing two: one you feel absolutely comfortable in when you’re down at the pool or the beach and one you can rock and feel amazingly sexy in (in other words, the one for public and the one for private)

sundress | if you’re not a dress person, feel free to skip to the next item. If you are a fan of dresses, the sundress is a deceptively seductive article of clothing. Find one that keeps you cool as a cucumber, and delicious as one too!

aloe vera | alas, sunburns are pretty much inevitable if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun. At least you’ll have your special someone to apply your aloe vera for you!

beach read | as much as you might be planning to be busy most of your honeymoon, it is not uncommon to have some downtime. I recommend bringing a perfect beach read for those moments of relaxation. Find some recommendations from Oprah here!

lotion | the sand and salty water can really dry you out. Bring some of your favorite lotion to keep yourself moisturized.


a layered look | the perfect outdoor outfit is one that’s layered. Go for a casual but sexy layered look by pairing a dark flannel with a tank top that matches one of the colors in your flannel. If it’s a little chilly out, pair it with a coordinating beanie.

epsom salts/bath soak/shower bomb | something, anything to make the shower or bath a little steamier. After all that time outdoors, you’ll probably look forward to a nice, warm shower or bath. Level it up with a bath or shower bomb!

water bottles | to avoid uncomfortable headaches and irritability, make sure to stay hydrated! Pack extra water bottles to avoid this. If you’re a seasoned hiker, you already know this important tip!

pants that won’t chafe | the last thing you want on your trip is raw inner thighs. Make sure to pack pants that will keep your sensitive skin safe during all your adventures. If chafing is a big issue for you, you can also apply deodorant between your thighs to avoid rubbing.

firewood | what’s more intimate than a (legal) fire under the stars? Don’t forget that firewood, so you and your love can enjoy a romantic fire lit evening.


loafers or boots | of course this varies from city to city, but I would highly recommend packing a pair of snazzy shoes that are also comfortable to walk in. I would suggest a pair of sleek, ankle boots!

fancy jacket | this would be something that adds texture and character to any outfit, like a jean, leather, trench or many other types of jackets.

comfortable walking shoes | it is likely that you’ll be doing a lot of walking as you explore the city. Take along a pair of comfortable shoes that also look cute and go with most of your outfits.

fancy lipstick | it is easy to keep in a purse and it quickly dresses up any outfit. If you’re out and you find an amazing restaurant, but you’re afraid you’re under dressed, just add some lipstick, and you’re good to go!

clothes that look cute but you can also spend all day walking around in | enough said. I recommend taking only a few items, planning to mix and match them every day.

fully-charged phone | this comes in handy for taking pictures and for checking the map to make sure you’re where you want to be.


tall socks | you don’t want to be stuck with itchy ankles! Make sure to bring socks that will keep any sand, dirt or creature out of your shoes.

lotion | just like the salt water, dry air quickly zaps the moisture from your body. Take along your favorite lotion to remedy that.

board games/things to do at night | it’s likely that you’ll be in an area with little or no service, so be prepared for those free evenings by bringing some activities.

blanket(s) | to lay out and look at the stars. Take blankets you’d be okay if anything happened to them.

sunglasses | keep your eyes protected while you’re out under the blazing sun! You can also look pretty cool with the right glasses.

anything rust colored | this color sets off a dusty background nicely.

I hope you found these broken down packing lists helpful for your travel dreams. Best wishes for those of you dreaming of traveling or planning a honeymoon!


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