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Take Two: Honeymoon Round 2!

If you didn’t get to have the honeymoon that you wanted right after you got married, consider having another one! What could be wrong with a second honeymoon? Nothing!

You’ve got a few options when it comes to your second honeymoon. You could go all out and make this your dream vacay, scale it back and go for a staycation or stay somewhere in between with a mini-moon.

| all out |

This is for those of you who didn’t get to do your dream honeymoon when you got married. The reason you weren’t able to go doesn’t matter as much as making your honeymoon come true! This option requires a bit more advance planning as you’ll probably want to start saving up and making sure you can get the time off work for your trip. If I can offer one suggestion here: if possible, give yourself the space to just enjoy. Don’t over plan or over budget so much that you can’t enjoy your trip when you finally get to go. Just enjoy!

| staycation |

Maybe you already got to take your big trip, but you felt like you got home and had to jump right back into real life and work. Consider taking a few days off work and just relaxing at home together. Finally do those things in your city that you’ve always wanted to do but felt like you never had time for! If you’ve got the ability to do so, think about splurging on one nice meal or one night in a hotel in your city to enjoy it like a tourist.

| mini-moon |

I would call this the hybrid moon! This is for those who already got to take a honeymoon, but it was a mini-moon as well. Don’t two mini-moons make one whole honeymoon?! That’s the idea here. You’ll go about as hard as you did on your first honeymoon, so you’re getting a take two. I recommend choosing a destination and itinerary of similar cost and time frame.

Whether you got your dream honeymoon or you had to adapt to what you were able to do at the time, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy some special time together soon. It’s always good to unplug, step away from life and just be together.


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