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How to Capture a Beachfront Vibe

Longing to have a beachfront wedding, but nowhere near the ocean? Although destination weddings can be magical, not everyone wants to go far from home to capture the beachy vibe for their big day. Let me help you out here with some tips for capturing the “vibe” of a beach wedding without having to find the nearest beach.

Lakefront bride and groom on a dock

| find water | This one may seem obvious, but sometimes it can be easy to forget. Check out other bodies of water in your area (like lakes or rivers) and see if they have any beaches or waterfront venues. By finding a place close to the water, you can more easily capture the ambiance without having to be near the ocean. If there is no body of water in your area, still consider having an outdoor wedding where your guests can enjoy the sunny weather and fresh air.

| bright colors | Bring in a summery feel to your wedding day by choosing bright and fresh colors for your vision. Check out the inspiration below:

| airy florals with focal point | The typical backdrop for a beachfront ceremony is (obviously) the beach. When you’re not able to have your wedding on a beach, you can still create a focal point using brightly colored florals and greenery at the altar. This will draw your guests eyes to something beautiful beyond you and your future spouse and enliven the ceremony space.

| go casual | Think rolled up sleeves, backless dresses, no shoes (no problem). This is just one direction to go to give the feeling of a laid-back beachfront wedding. Help your guests quickly catch the vibe that your big day is anything but formal and structured by opting for less formal attire.

Beachy style wedding with groomsmen dressed casually and enjoying a beer

| serve cocktails | Nothing says “beach” like a tropical cocktail. Consider serving cocktails before your ceremony and/or at the reception. Not only will this give guests something to enjoy if they arrive early to the ceremony, but it can also give the sense that this is a vacation rather than a formal event.

Mix and match these ideas (along with plenty of others) to create your dream “beachfront” wedding even when you’re miles away from the coast.


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